3D modeler,

texture / lighting artist,

and video game developer

creating visual

and technical assets

for companies of all sizes,

near and far.

As a 3D artist,

I’m a problem-solver.

I always strive to deliver

the most effective

and efficient


with quality.

After many years of

full-time + freelance

3D experience

working for




design, and

game studios…

My fascination

with 3D graphics





“Bill is a great, hard-working and experienced 3D artist. He stays long hours to have the job done, hit every deadline, help others and keep positive attitude in all ways. He is the person you can count on, he loves his job and loves living for others. It was a pleasure to work with you. – Patrik Spacek


“Bill was a pleasure to work with and provided insight and knowledge that was transferred to the rest of the team. He always got the job done on time and on budget. Bill is a true team player and is someone I would love to work with in the future. – David Lapekas, Studio Supervisor


“Bill is not only great at interpreting 2D designs into 3D models, he also knows so much about the rest of the animation process, that he makes sure that his work will not cause problems down the line. He is known for creating models that are technically easier to rig and texture. Bill is more artist than technician, which is the key to his work having visual appeal. – Tim Hodge, Director



“I have worked alongside Bill Jacoby on a number of projects. Bill is a talented environment artist that has a good eye for small details. He is comfortable with material shader creation and is great at lighting an environment. Bill is thorough and does a great job of forward-thinking with his tasks. Aside from being a talented artist, Bill has a great personality and always gets along with his team members.” – Rich Bernal, Digital Artist



“I worked with Bill for almost a year. He quickly became our go-to guy due to his innovation, creativity, his ability to create an efficient pipeline, and stream-line the art process. It has been very inspiring and humbling to work with Bill.” – Danai Kittivathana, Concept Artist



“Bill Jacoby is an incredibly talented and professional artist who continuously challenges himself to grow and improve, studying various artistic methods and learning new technical approaches which he can directly apply to his craft. A close friend, Bill is an engaging and deep conversationalist with whom I’ve enjoyed many a long talk and good laugh. Bill is a fantastic addition to any creative team looking to make a visual impact.” – Sean Lynn, Game Designer



“Bill is a cornerstone. As a 3d artist, he brought solid experience and a drive to stay ahead of the game. We worked together on several different teams, and everyone knew that if you had Bill with you, the work would get done and you had someone to fallback on if things weren’t going smooth. His work is clean and his knowledge base is very wide.  But most importantly (to me), Bill made coming in on rough projects and working late fun. He was a pleasure to work with and any studio would be lucky to have him. You don’t often find people who can brighten an office while still keeping everything on track.” – Chad S. Thelen, Character Artist and 3d Modeler



“I worked with Bill for years on a video series and was well acquainted with his modeling abilities. But I was impressed to discover years later, when we worked together on a project depicting undersea vistas, the extent of his lighting and compositing skills. He created a group of shots, each several minutes long, which depict sustained underwater environments, each convincing but unique from one another. His skill manipulating color is also evident in his 2D illustrations. His design sense and technical aptitude are great assets to the any project he serves.” – Robert Dollase, Freelance CG Artist



“Bill and I worked together on a fast-paced direct-to-video property. He was the sole environmental & prop modeler for an non-existent world. He built that world himself, set by set – keeping to the feel of the conceptual art and keeping in mind the constraints of production. I’d work with Bill again without question and I’d hire him on if I had the opportunity.” – Mark Behm, Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist